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Beginner Fitness
(Monday-Friday 7:00am-8:00am)

Haven’t worked out in a while? Experience anxiety of not being able to keep up with the flow of a fitness class? Want to work out, but have no motivation or know how? Our beginner fitness class will ease all your worries. We will gently get you back into the flow of things in order to restart your healthy lifestyle. In due time you will be prepared for the intermediate class.

High School

Over 82% of high school athletes do not know how to run, jump, and lift properly. That number is astronomical, but if you actually think about it; when did you learn to do any of the basics? It is something that is very important that is taken for granted, and the truth is athletes that make it to the next level have a strong background in the fundamentals of training.

Moms & Dads Fitness
(Monday-Friday 7:00am-8:00am)

This class is designed for parents who work during the days and do not have much time. It is a beginner fitness class that starts early enough for you to get in a good workout and still make it to work on time. This class is also a little slower paced so you do not feel overwhelmed to compete with the person to your left or right.

(Saturdays 11:00am- 12:00pm)

UrbanKick® takes a sports conditioning approach and expertly blends authentic kickboxing with H.I.I.T. drills, for a heart-healthy workout. We have borrowed from different martial art techniques such as: taekwondo, karate and muay thai to create a complete workout that incorporates steady state cardiovascular training, metabolic boosting H.I.I.T. training and functional body-weight strength training. UrbanKick® challenges your body in all planes of motion so you are constantly developing strength, agility, flexibility and balance more than you would doing traditional cardiovascular workouts like cycling or running.

Next Level

Designed for collegiate and post-collegiate athletes who have dreams of making it professionally. This training starts off creating a strong base and progressing through 3 levels of functional training.


What are you going to do to improve your health today?

- Bennett Fit

Program Design

We are committed to giving our athletes the opportunity for maximum athletic development through a training model that focuses on several or all of the following components, depending on our athletes’ sport(s) and/or training goals:

  • Dynamic mobility (dynamic warm up)
  • Flexibility, Active range of motion, hip flexor development
  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness (speed development; agility ladder; cone drills; dot drills; box drills; plyometrics)
  • Explosive strength and power (Olympic lifts; power lifts; speed lifts)
  • Balance and coordination (unilateral strength movements and lifts; dead lifts; catch-related movements; band-training; medicine ball training
  • Core Strength
  • Performance-specific strength (strength lifts specific to primary muscles used in sport(s); strength lifts for injury prevention)
  • Injury prevention (exercises targeted to prevent injury)
  • Muscular endurance (power complexes; “monster warrior” rounds; fight-style training for time; designed to build muscular endurance; push beyond athlete’s perceived limits; break strength plateaus; and teach competitive finishing power)
  • Speed development (top speed; sprinting speed; first-step quickness)
  • Speed endurance (designed to push athlete’s perceived limits; break existing energy barriers; build “tirelessness” in athlete)

Each training session is uniquely designed to build strength, power, and speed, boost levels of competitiveness and confidence, spur personal growth, and develop the athlete or the individual’s overall potential for performance.  There is no training like ours available.


About Us

About Bennett Fit

B ennett Fit  is an athletic company specializing in performance-specific training for the developing athlete and fitness development for men and women.  Our clients will receive the area’s premier athletic development through a model that gives them the psychological, emotional, and physical “Bennett-fits” of training that are superior to any program in the area.

Having a background filled with Olympic coaches and Olympic athletes, Bennett Fit is well equipped to suit every need of the athlete. We managed to incorporate the teachings and training programs from 4 Olympic coaches and 2 Olympic strength and conditioning coaches into one diversified training program for the different types of athletes.

Speed, Strength, Agility, and dynamic explosive power are the basis of all our training, but we manage to keep safety as our number one focus.
– Bennett Fit

At Bennett Fit, we encourage the competitive drive in everyone while understanding that each athlete deserves personalized instruction, top-level coaching, periodized program design, nutritional support options, and effective workouts that are challenging, creative, and safe.

Each training session is uniquely designed to build strength, power, and speed, boost levels of competitiveness and confidence, spur personal growth, and develop the athlete or the individual’s overall potential for performance.  There is no training like ours available.


Our Awesome Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Jah Bennett

Jah Bennett

Owner, Trainer View Details
Jah Bennett

Jah Bennett

Owner, Trainer

Jah Bennett was born in Monrovia Liberia. He moved to the United States due to the civil war that ravaged Liberia. He and his 7 siblings spent most of their childhood in San Jose, California. Jah became interested in sports very early on. His first love was basketball, followed by football, and lastly track and field. He used track and field to get better prepared for the other two sports. By his senior year, Jah was ranked #2 in CCS and qualified for the state championship. He later went to run track and field for the University of California Davis as a high jumper. Due to different reasons, he was cut from the track team each year for the first 3 years. During his fourth year, he managed to make the team, but was almost cut early on due to poor performance. That year, Jah went on to jump over 7 feet and go down in the record books. After graduating with a degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Mathematics, Jah joined the Liberian National Track and Field team. He now has aspirations to make the 2012 Olympic team representing Liberia.


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